Our dream is to be able to get into a home for our 2 children
We are hard working, but it seems we can never get ahead. Every time we save money for a down-payment than something bad happens. We are not a wealthy family, and we are first time home buyers so we will be applying for a type of FHA loan to be able to get into a house before our lease ends in August. We are very aware that those types of loans are more expensive in the long run, and morgage insurance is added to it, but its the only thing we can afford to get into as it is impossible for us to save up for a %20 down payment. Our 4 year old will also eventually start school and we would like to be able to move into a home before then. She is already at the age where she wonders why we live in a small apartment and the neighbor has a big house. If there is anyone out there that would like to help us we would be very grateful. It would make our family of 4 very happy. We are just asking for help to be able to put a deposit down on a home, and for inspection. We are thank you to anyone who would like to help.


Aubrey K

Lititz, PA

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