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I am married and have two Beautiful girls! My name is Habibah Horne and this is my story ; In 2014 we had a beautiful baby girl and at the time of her birth there were some complications. She was six weeks premature , through a rough delivery her skull was crushed in two places . I had almost lost my life as well .

Through this portion of our life through doctor visits and my mother –in-law being diagnosed with cancer , my husband had lost his job . So now the bills are climbing so what did we do? We applied for a loan . In applying for the loan, the said loan company , had liquidated our account !

Eventually we had lost our home and were living out of our van for a short while. Finally , my husband found a job and we started saving and working to make a better life . We got an idea to start a business . We came up with a clever name and got an LLC . This small business was to rehab homes . Now that we had done this we needed to get out there and work the business . Unfortunantely , we have hit some “snags” .

My mother -in-law had past away and time was losing again . With no other way her bills were paid and she had a great gathering at her church . After this we strove to bounce back again. And we have learned  we were going to have a second chilld . All praise is for God !

Our second baby was also premature as well, not so bad this time . However we also learned that her umbilical cord had grown in the uterus muscle . Dealing with that news and the news our first daughter needs eye surgery , was yet another opporunity to reflect on  our situation .

We just want a better life for children .The house we are in now in infested with mice and bugs . We realize that life has ups and downs however we need help to pay the bills and basic needs . My husband sells his plasma to keep the power on. He does work but it is $9 an hour and  the person he works for and he still pays him rent .  The blessings received will be moved on and the help will also be used to help others in our similar position once we are establshed to do so .

 Thank you so much for reading our story even if you can not help us financially , please help us through pray and share our story .