Our first home

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Our first home

First off thank you for taking the time to learn our story and for considering investing in our home with us.

After moving into our first home I noticed our toilet just kept running- An easy fix that I knocked out of the park...

Just days later, our toilet started backing up. After consulting with multiple plumbers and our home warranty company we found that the old cast-iron sewage pipe from the 60’s had settled into the shape of a roller coaster... and as exciting as this roller coaster is, it wouldn’t be covered by our insurance or home warranty.

We’ve started the process of digging up the yard and under the house, including in front of the front door leaving it unusable.  We now need to fill in the tunneling and make our front door accessible once again. We have exhausted all our funds and things have slowed to a snails pace.

If you feel led to help us out we would appreciate it! Thanks for your generosity and your time.