Our First Home
Savannah and I have been whimsically discussing our dream home from our very first date. Some would consider that to be a bit straightforward and maybe even off-putting, but for us it only showed how easily we fit together.
Fast-forward nearly 3 years and here we are, getting ready to finally take that leap forward (and hopefully land in our new home!) Being a young couple we are grateful to even be considering buying a home, not to mention getting pre-approved for purchasing!
The two of us are admittedly proud (and somewhat stubborn) people, so it is definitely a step or two out of our comfort zone to be asking for any assistance, but we would be extremely appreciative to any and all help that you are able to provide! Thank you in advance to any and everyone that is willing to help this young couple take on the world!

With Warm Regards,
Jacob and Savannah


Jacob Johannessen

San Antonio, TX

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