Our First Home Remodel

We wanted to create a way to share our latest (and largest) remodeling project with our friends & family. Rather than a traditional registry for dishes and towels, we thought this would be a great way for family/friends to help support our bathroom remodel project. And we can post updates along the way! We also welcome words of encouragement (whether related to the construction itself or how to not kill each other during the process :-))

A little bit about the project: We completely feel in love with our little brick house on B Street - only problem is that there's only one bathroom (yikes). We saw the potential to build a bathroom in the basement, and while we are hiring help, we hope to do a lot of the work ourselves to save money. We have also enjoyed learning how to be handy - Kyle more so than Jamie, but it's definitely more satisfying to do the work yourself. We are also excited about the value this will add to our house. 

The current state of the project: a big hole + pile of dirt --> see photos.


Jamie Eckhardt

Raymore, Missouri

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