Paikea's Nest - an Urban Farm, Food Forestry Project of the Pacific Earth School Minjerribah.

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Paikea's Nest - an Urban Farm, Food Forestry Project of the Pacific Earth School Minjerribah.
Dunwich, Queensland

Paikea's Nest - A Food Forestry, Urban Farm Project

of the Pacific Earth School. 

We did it! With nothing but a VISION we raised over half a million dollars in Superannuation funds to purchase the land 



Now we need your help to FEATHER THE NEST! 


on Minjerribah (Stradbroke Island) in Quandamooka Country. 


We pay our deepest respects to the Ancestors and Traditional Caretakers of this Island and give our lifelong committment to BIOCULTURAL restoration.  


The land we purchased is 1200m2 with an old, yet solid house built of red cedar. The house will be a sustainability concept house and we have already begun the passive-solar conversions two days after moving in.

Since moving in 10 days ago (camping on the land) we have begun renovating, tree planting, composting and cleaning up. We are on the main road of Dunwich, the gateway to Minjerribah where thousands of visitors come each year to explore the magic of this Island. Our intention is to be a pioneer in eco-educational tourism and eco-village design. Specifically with this project we hope to inspire mainland residents to live more sustainably and reduce their water use and impact upon the environment and sensitive ecologies such as Minjerribah. We will do this by BEING THE WAY in a typical urban size property. 

Our legal bills for purchasing the land were 4 times more than we expected and we'd love you to help us get the property set up and functioning for workshops and accomodation within 3 months! 
Your donation will go towards the organic garden and food forest plant out, the passive solar retrofit of the house, biodigestor conversion of the septic and hopefully solar panels if we raise enough! At the end of April about 20 friends and family will come to the island and support us in a four-day permablitz on the property. We are into it! 
We know it takes a village to raise children and this is the journey we are embarking on while modelling sustainability in our modern times and living close to our Earth like our Ancestors. 

Please donate to our project so we can do an awesome job in the next three months

and shine our light on the way forward for humanity.

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