Pink and Blue for Two (PB42)

We started Pink and Blue for Two (PB42) because I lived through my aunt, Olivia's (Newton-John) battle with breast cancer, and her spirit inspired me to help others.

PB42 is a cancer awareness foundation that has 3 key messages;

1) To make people aware of the striking similarities between breast and prostate cancers

2) To encourage couples to remind one another to visit their doctors annually for screenings

3) To create awareness of the importance of overall mind, body and spirit wellness, which helps to significantly reduce the risk of diagnosis of either type of cancer

What I want to do with this "nest" on Feather the Nest, is to expand on one of the programs created by PB42. This program is one that provides home health care and health care aides, that will go to people's homes and help them with such personal care items as; bathing, dressing, cooking, cleaning etc., while the individual is going through chemotherapy or recovering from surgery.

You don't know how much that such a little thing like that, will help significantly in the recovery process. We have seen firsthand that the most important component of this journey is to rebuilt the patient's spirit.

Your contributions will help PB42 expand this portion of its wellness initiatives, which in turn will help to better the lives of so many people. We appreciate any and all contributions.

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