Please Help the Whitehead-Adams Family

Our story starts with a single-mother of 2 children who is helping to raise a 7-month-old grandchild. I pushed myself through a Master’s Degree program by taking out loans. I pushed myself through a full-time job and part-time job to pay for my children’s needs before my own. My daughter needs surgery on both her feet because she has tibial torsion and it’s hard to stand for more than a few minutes without pain but the government refuses to assist me with medical care for my daughter’s surgery. Often times she tells me “mommy my feet hurt so bad it feels numb.” I can’t even touch her feet without her jolting in pain. This is not fair that she has to go through such pain every day when she stands/ walks when most of us take such things like being able to stand and walk for granted.  I often wish that I could take the pain so that she is able to enjoy her childhood at 12 years old. She can’t even play with other kids and run around due to pain so she has to watch from the window or sit and watch as the neighborhood kids play. I have reached out to the government for medical assistance and was denied. Being a single mother of 2 with a grandchild and an annual salary of just over $33,000 in a major city is too much money for approval. I continue to push each and every one of my children while managing to make them feel as if everything is going to work.  But today I am in tears because I feel like a broken woman, who can blame me right? After almost 13 years of juggling not only my crippling debt (rent, student loans, etc.) but the needs of my 2 children. 
A few years back, I was found to have a large 5.5 cm tumor on my Thyroid which had grown and biopsy results were so abnormal doctors informed me that I had cancer and I would need to have emergency surgery. I underwent the surgery to remove the tumor and my Thyroid. This time was trying and difficult for my family and friends. Initially, there was nothing wrong with my Thyroid but because of full removal of such a major organ I am required to take medication for the rest of my life of “I will die” that’s what I was told by the surgeon. I survived but I have enormous medical bills, I will always require medication because I will always need it to survive due to the absence of my thyroid.
My employment is the only source of income for my family and it is unknown at this time when I will be back to work due to Covid-19 the virus that’s currently affecting the nation. I am the sole member of my household to support my family. My family and I need financial support to come out of this very unfortunate circumstance. I am asking for help to cover my medical expenses, family support, and all funds collected will help towards my daughter’s surgery and obtaining a house that will accommodate our medical needs. Please assist during this difficult time. 

So, it starts with a simple message and hopefully it can reach new people that can answer my prayers and truly make a difference in my life. It all starts with sharing our story.

Please share this, even if we don't reach our goal, maybe it'll make a difference in my life.

Thank you for all of the love and prayers.


LaTanya MW

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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