Previous teen parents working backwards

Unlike the song, we put the baby in the baby carriage before the marriage. I was 16 & pregnant before MTV made it popular. Eighteen years later, our wonderful son is strongly considering joining the military (like his grandfathers) My then boyfriend, now husband did the responsible thing and got a FT job with benefits to take care of us even though he had to relocate to another city four hours away. I stayed with our son to finish high school and then college. Fast forward, he moves back after a few years, I graduate and start working, we get married and now here we are trying too finish our dream of owning a home. I want to be able to take care of our parents as they get older since both our mothers are disabled and of course, room for my future grandkids *crosses fingers** We are a loving couple who has been together for 21 years and both of us have been at our employment for 12+ years.

Thanks for reading our story and any help is appreciated!


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