Rebuild roof damaged by natural disaster
Please help us rebuild our roof after it partially collapsed due to a natural disaster. We have tried to go through insurance to claim the damage but because we did not see the roof beginning to cave in until the snow melted they denied our claim saying there was no proof it was caused by weight of snow. Our home is older, built in 1979 and is manufactured. We have tried to get loans to replace our home but with interest rates so high, we would have to bring in $100k to add to the loan we were approved for. To repair our roof we would need to pay engineering fees to design new trusses to withstand heaver snow loads than the house is rated for, pay a truss company to build them and then a contractor to install them. Overall we are looking at around $60k for everything. If by the grace of God our donations could exceed our goal we would be so blessed to build a new home but having security and safety of a strong roof to protect our young children is the most important thing to us.

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