Renovations for Our First Home Together

Mike and I are moving into the house I own in Christiana. This is where we will be starting our life together. It currently has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. It was a great house for me and my two youngest boys at the time I bought it in 2012. It is still nice, but it is a little small when adding a wonderful new husband and his awesome teenage son. The home was built with the intention of building out the attic into extra living space. There is a flight of carpeted stairs just as you walk in the front door that leads into a full spacious attic the length of the downstairs of the house. Mike and I would like to renovate this part of the house to add a master bedroom, master bath, rec room and small office. The floor joists are already within code to build upon. There is already a wiring harness in place for the additional heating and air unit. Mike and I will do most of the work ourselves. This is one of the many reasons why we fit so well, we both love to do this kind of thing. By adding this living space we will be able to have more equity in the home, drop the PMI insurance and lower our monthly payments, pay it off faster, and be able to give each of the three boys living there a room of their own to spread out and enjoy. As well as an added sitting/TV area for all. This is not an endeavor that we intend on having the financial means within the next year to do but we do have the hopes to be able to start the project sometime in the next year and do a little at a time. It needs framing, insulation, electrical, plumbing, heating and air and duct work, flooring, bathroom fixtures etc.... We hope to get the framing, electrical and heating and air unit installed within the next 12 months. We also need to replace the flooring downstairs and do a few minor updates to the downstairs kitchen and bathrooms. Seeing as Mike and I can be very thrifty and creative we are looking forward to these projects and working together to build a home that we love spending time together in with our blended families. If it is your desire to help us with our goal, I thank you. If not that is okay as well. Mike and I have a budget where we will be saving each month towards this project and we have faith that God will provide and everything will work out just fine. Thank you for sharing this goal of ours and I hope that if there is a goal you would like to reach that we can help you out as well. 



Carissa Waterson

Christiana, Tennessee

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