Rob, Meaghan, Walter, and Mikey's First House

As Rob and I walked the aisles of Pier One, Crate and Barrel, Macy's and countless other department stores trying to put together our wedding registry, we kept coming back to the same question: "Where are we ever going to put this stuff?" About two years ago when he and I moved in together, we picked a small (800 square feet small) apartment because it was the only opening in the building we'd chosen - the "halfway" point between his job in Decatur, Texas and mine in downtown Dallas. We never wanted to move into a bigger apartment in the same building even when they became available because we wanted our next move to be into a house. So, that's our next goal and we'd love to be out of there when our lease is up in September or, at the latest, by year's end. The boys deserve a backyard to run around in, and he and I desperately need more space. We are thankful for just having all of you at our wedding, but if you're thinking about bringing a gift, we wanted to give you the option of giving toward our biggest and most exciting next goal. (Sorry Mom and Dad - babies come after the house!) We love you all!


Meaghan Shepard

Dallas, Texas

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