Robin’s Nest

Greetings Friends,


Thank you for stopping by to read my donor request. My name is Robin and I am starting a new journey with my son who is 13 years old. I am planning to purchase my first home soon very soon due to divorce. I am also a breast cancer survivor (2 years cancer free). Yes! I have a lot on plate, but so much more to be thankful for. I'm really excited to pursue my goal of homeownership. It excites but also scares me. It's been a long time since I have been truly independent, however, I am ready for new beginnings with my son in a safe neighborhood. Well, I believe I have found a suitable nest and plan to submit an offer on the home this week. While mostly modest, I know we can benefit from down payment assistance in order to lower my monthly mortgage and help me successfully transition to my new normal. I also am starting over in terms of furniture (beds and living room furniture) and could benefit from assistance. I am grateful for any degree of generosity you are able to expend during this unprecendented time in my life and globally. I promise to pay it forward as soon as I can. Thank you and have a nice day! 



Robin J.


Robin C. Jackson

Atlanta, Georgia

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