My husband and I are newlyweds, back together after 3o years apart!! Our home was built around 1956 and the roof is around 30 years old (per contractor). I love our little bungalow, we have lots of love in it. The roof currently has 3 leaks that happen to he in our bedroom. My husband has tarred the roof, which does help for a while. We are afraid the ceiling will fall in on us one night in a rainstorm! The living room ceiling fell in last year. We are saving money for a new roof, but it is taking so long. We have gotten 2 estimates... One for $6,500 and one for $5,000. (What a crazy difference). So, we are hoping that some people in this big, beautiful world of ours would possibly want to help us. It would be such a blessing. We do both work, but even that does not enable us to get a new roof in a timely fashion. We would be eternally grateful for any help. Thank you all.


Lisa Gardner

Lonaconing, Maryland

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