Safin Kingdom
Hi !
Marsel Safin and Gulnaz Safina are writing hereby.
We are parents of three sons Rail, Kamil and Ruzal. As a father I feel myself as the King from Fairy Tale. That is why I call the fund Safin Kingdom. This crowdfunding campaign is created to raise money for down payment for our family first house.
After living in north Jersey for four years we realized that all our efforts to purchase our own house lead to nothing. Becouse of current live prices and high rent. Sure we saved some money, but process goes so slow. I am the only family member earning income
in our household. Just to make it clear, we are not starving and we are not in need of any stuff.
An average starter home or condo in our area starts at $500K.
So in order to avoid mortgage insurance, we have a goal of a $100K down payment. In an ideal world, 100 percent of that down payment would be crowdfunded. Realistically, we will try to make up most of it ourselves.
However we appeal to those who love and enjoy making other people happy by donating some feasible financial gifts. In order to succeed in reaching our goal we need your help. Your contribution will make an impact to our lifes, giving us a chance to build a nest egg. Our lovely family deeply grateful for your support. Thank you!



Cliffside Park, NJ

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