Sam & Renee's First Home!

Now that we're engaged and planning our wedding, our thoughts have also moved to the future and what type of home we would like to own down the road. Sam and I both work in Portsmouth and with his job at the hospital, living within a 20 minute drive to the hospital is an important factor. It doesn't hurt that that will also mean living about 20 minutes from the beach, but for the record, it's for his job. ;) 

But seriously, we plan to start saving for a down-payment on a house and hopefully buy one sometime in the next couple of years. We have chosen this type of registry because we don't need all the things you would find on a typical wedding registry. Most wedding registries include things like dinnerware, home goods, silverware, etc. Having lived on our own for quite a while, we both have more than enough of that type of stuff. Rather than asking our friends and family to shop for gifts like duvet covers and throw pillows, we'd much rather their gifts for our wedding go towards helping us find a modest home out here on the seacoast of New Hampshire. 

Wondering what kind of home we'd like? Well, believe it or not, we're not that picky.

Here are some of our needs: 

- 2-3 bedrooms

- 1-2 bathrooms

- decent sized and well-equipped kitchen

And of course beyond those basic needs, here are some of our wants: 

- 2 car garage

- fireplace

- outdoor space- nothing huge, but Sam likes to grill and Renee enjoys sitting outside reading a book while he does

- basement- whether finished or unfinished, we don't care and actually would enjoy the DIY project of finishing an unfinished basement


Sam likes modern and Renee likes traditional, so it will be interesting finding a home that suits us both. We're up to the challenge and we would love any help and support you would like to give. Thank you so much for helping us and for being a part of this exciting time in our lives! Can't wait to see what the future holds! 


- Renee & Sam



Renee Bouchard

Dover, New Hampshire

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