Save a house...create a drain field!

My mom is a widow and over the last 2 years I have been helping her around the house, trying to fix/replace things and improve the quality of the home. My parents were low-income for most of their married life and while I do earn more, I am trying to establish my own finances and can only contribute a limited amount to help with her repairs.

Mom's home has had drainage problems through the years and it has cost thousands to replace insulation, visqueen, and dry out/dehumidify the crawl space several times. Last week, I spent about $800 to get a sump pump put in and pump it 100' away to the back of the yard which is helping the crawlsapce water a lot.

However, the yard really needs a full drain field put in, to move most of the water away from the house. It needs multiple French drains, roof downspouts running to the back of the yard and a large pit of drain rock to capture all the water. This will cost 5000-6000 dollars for a local contractor to do it (excavator work, etc). I plan on doing some of the work myself but am hoping for some assistance to cover this major project. Thank you!


Jamie Severson

Seattle, Washington

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