Starting over home for me and my kids

It's taken a little time to get back on my feet after the divorce in October 2015.  The kids and I are ready to move forward and buy a place of our own.  Renting is for the birds (no pun intended).  Most of you know that my ex-husband and I built a home while we were married and I had to let him have it during the divorce because I couldn't afford it on my own.  That house has been sold since then and I did not receive any proceeds from the sale of that home.  I've worked hard to get to this point - cleaning up my credit that was destroyed by my ex - and have saved a small "nest egg" to put towards a home for me and my babies. I am not one to ask for handouts.  I work hard.  I work full-time in addition to driving for Uber and Lyft in the evenings and on weekends.  I also do transcription when I have to be home with the kids to make extra money on the side.  I'm constantly working for this goal because it's important to me to have a wonderful place to call home for my children and I.  I don't expect money to just be given to me but if anyone feels so inclined to help, my family would greatly appreciate the help of making our dream a reality.



San Antonio, Texas

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