Sweet Family New Beginning Home

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Sweet Family New Beginning Home
Elkhart, Indiana

Hello All,

     As many of you know Vanessa, Rylee and I have been diligently looking to move from the apartment life to an actual home in the area in which Rylee currently attends school.  We have been doing our best to save money for a down payment, and would like to actually put the 20% down if we could to avoid costly mortage insurance.  The problem we are facing, due to being in and out of court almost every month dealing with custody situations, we haven't been able to save as fast as we would like, because I have been spending a fortune on laywer and court fees to gain full custody of Rylee permanently.  I'm happy to say just recently, for those of you that don't know, that after 4 years of constant turmoil, the courts have awarded me full physical and legal custody of Rylee.  It is going to be the best thing for her and now it is time for us to move out of the apartments and into a new home.  Any donation you could make would help us out greatly and would be very much appreciated and get us closer to our goal of becoming home owners, and to finally get Rylee (and us) settled in somewhere.


Thanks in advance. I hope this finds you well,

Matt Sweet