Termites ate my bathroom

So we were in need of a make over in our guest bathroom. Our house was built in 1967 and was never upgraded. So we decided to take down that ugly peach tile and tub once and for all. As we were having a hard time demolishing the bathroom I noticed some damaged wood. As I kept ripping drywall and tiles off I noticed more and more termite damage. It wanted to give up and hire someone to fix it. But I'm not a quitter so after a few tears we told ourselves "one step at a time". Well as finances depreciated we were still bathroom-less. So I heard about featherthenest.com and decided to give it a try. The $150 will go to paying for partial termite treatment and new wood. We are hoping that is all we need to get done. Let's hope the damage isn't so severe that we have to max out our credit cards. We hope that we could get some support from you. A little will go a long way for us. We will keep you posted with more pictures as we progress. Thank you for reading.









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