The Dream

My name is Kathy and I am 51 years old with 5 beautiful children, 3-adult children and 2-young children, and a wonderful husband.  My family and I have had many struggles over the years to include the past two years of my husband and I having a chronic disease that had really set us back in our goals and dreams for a bright future for our kids and family.  A few of those dreams were number one; to provide our children and thier children a stress free financial life, number 2; A stress free financial life for ourselves; number 3; to help others gain a stress free financial life for those that are in need of resources to make life succesful financially to achieve thier goals and dreams and to help their families just as we want to do.  I was grown up to learn that by helping others and caring more about others than yourself gives you peace and gives a person more happiness that one can know.  My father was always helping others and just watching the personal satisfaction he gained in helping others gave me a since of wellbeing and a profound love for others.  Two years ago my husband suffered several strokes, which caused great stress on him and our family in means of "being scared that we would loose him" and "will my husband, the care taker of our family be able to function normally again"!  Our great faith in God and the kindness of others to support us emotionally gave us strength, and we did get thourgh this crisis however we did experience a financial setback. I knew that nothing was impossible with God and we did make it through this delimma but not without strain on our finances.  Then two years later in February of 2016, I was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer on a routine yearly mammogram.  I and my entire family were in shock and again very scared that we were not going to make it through it.  Indeed it did cause so much emotional and financial problems.  I could not work due to the extreme nature of this type of cancer and my husband, due to his own health issues and now mine, was unable to work, much less focus on work because it had taken a toll on him physically and mentally.  My husband's parents helped us out as much as they were able to do so with all of the obligations they had for themselves and other members of their famiy that needed financial help too.  So needless to say, many things had to be put on hold and our home that we now live in started to have multiple things go wrong with it, you know those things that needed upkeep so that it didn't fall apart.  Our furnace went up, our toilet needed to be replaced, our stove and dishwasher broke down, paint started chipping all over the home, our roof is falling apart, the water spouts and drains on the roof are falling off, the deck to our house is dry rotting, the plaster ceilings in  our home are cracking and suffering from water damage, no venting in our bathrooms causing mold to build, many air leaks in the home that are causing loss of heat and creating a large gas and electric bill, sump pump went up causing flooding in our basement which in turn created water damage, electrical problems galore and etc. etc.,  We tried fixing as much as we could with what little money we had from tax returns but it wasn't enough especially when you can only pay a person that had little to no experience with fixing these things. although we were and are very grateful that we have friends in our life that can help with the little things, these adjustments weren't enough and the things that were fixed quickly started to deteriorate again, so back to square one.  My faith in God tells me it will all work out in the end and God works through friends and family to help those he loves, which by the way he loves all people.  Our dream is to fix these things in our home and to move to the home of our dreams, which I believe I have found that home, however we need help, and I know that by getting this help from family and friends, we are to return the help to others who are or have been in the same position as us, and by the way this has always been the case for me even down to the last dollar in my pocket.  And this help for others have always come from our heart of hearts.  I have always been a helper of others and always will be, there is no greater reward then that feeling of helping someone in need, not because it is an obligation because deep in my heart I love people and do not like seeing suffering.  That is the love of God in me that loves all others, no matter what race, ethnicity, or class.  We are all God's children and we are all equal and that is what has gotten me through all of the difficulties in my life, thank you Father God for giving me a heart for others.


Goad-Smith Kathy

Baltimore, Maryland

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