The Future Wheeler Homestead

We are the Wheeler family. I bet you want to start singing the wheels on the bus go round and round. That's okay our daughters sing it too everytime we tell them our last name. There are four of us plus 7 furry babies. It can be a bit wild in our home with the toddlers and critters all running around playing and just living life, but we wouldn't have it any other way, which is why we need some assistance with raising some financial means to fund a down payment on our first family home.

After all, living on one income by choice to ensure our two little ones always have a parent at home to care, love, and teach them is of great importance to us, but it does leave us struggling with coming up with the financial means for a down payment on our very own home, which we greatly desire. 

 Our last goal was to try to find an apartment for all of us, but the costs were too high and most rentals would not accept all our furry babies, which are part of our family. All are rescues. We have a dog, three cats, two bunnies and a sugar glider. All have unique bonds with each of us. All you pet lovers and owners out there understand the importance of keeping your pets with you. Anyways, after applying for several different rental units and getting denied we had to come up with a new goal. 


Our next goal was to build a tiny house or buy a camper and live tiny. Living tiny is the ultimate goal. However, the state we live in has rules and regulations about living tiny that make this goal impossible. In addition, we want to still live near family as we want the girls to know that family and those you have in life are of great importance, and not so much materialistic means. With that said, this goal failed as well. Oh well, we hope our third goal is the charm.


Our third goal and hopefully our lucky charm is to purchase a multi-family unit. This will still allow us to live small because we will be living in one unit and renting out the rest to other families who might be struggling with receiving a rental because of pets or other reasons. Owning a multi-family home will not only allow us to live tiny, but will allow us to keep our pets, and finally start our own family business. The family business, being a rental property, which will help us to teach the girls great life skills with the management of a rental building, relationships with people, and the growing and handling of financial means, as well as simply helping others who might have been going through the same hardships we have been facing with trying to find our own space and home. However, to make this dream happen we need help from loved ones and strangers willing to help start with making this goal a reality. 


We thank you for taking the time to read our story and we thank anyone who is willing to help fund the start of our future goal of owning a rental property to being our new journey as a family of four. Owning our own space and being able to still live tiny in a unit of our own rental property would mean more than words could explain. But, being able to have our entire family together, and when I say entire family, that means the furry babies too, would be more than a dream come true. 



Dover, New Hampshire

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