The Gardners’ Caramel Circle Character



We are the Gardners on Caramel Circle. We are small business owners of a fencing and installation company in the Chattanooga area. We have lived here at Caramel Circle for six years and have worked to grow our business out of it since it began in 2016.

Since then, our business has grown through the overwhelming word-of-mouth support of our awesome clients and community. We have finally moved our business operations out of our home and backyard, but now we would like to make our home a priority for our future.

We have a traditional split level home that is choppy with lots of wasted space. We enjoy having our friends and family over for board games, birthdays, and holidays. It is so important to us to create a space that will work for us now and as our family grows over the years. We would like to update our space to be more functional and comfortable.

It is no surprise that this type of entire home renovation comes with a large price tag. This project would include a kitchen, living space, bathroom, and outdoor space renovation. We would need to completely transform the layout of our home.

We have given everything we have physically, emotionally, and financially to our business over the last five years. We are asking for the generosity of others to help us create a space where we can create memories for years to come. 


Kathryn Gardner

Sevierville, Tennessee

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