The Journey of La Boîte De Pute

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The Journey of La Boîte De Pute
Cottage Grove, Oregon

UPDATE: The chassis has been re-leveled! Upon removing the skirting, we discovered a leak, which led to discovering a rotted subfloor, floor joists, and rim joists (which kinda hold the whole box up). See the rest of the story here!

My mom Teri and I are on a mission. As 'DIY Diva Divorcées', we are independant women who want the security and permanence of a home without the burden of expensive maintence. After having to move very suddenly after my ex-husband left, I was stuck not knowing where to go or what to do. When a 1972 single-wide trailer popped up for sale on Facebook at 3 in the morning, I immediately called my mom. Although the condition wasn't great, it was a box and it could be OURS. There is nothing overrated about OWNING something. In a time where everything is on credit, borrowed, or rented, the appeal of having something we could keep forever and sculpt into whatever we wishedtipped the scale!


So... Why the name? "La Boîte De Pute" is French for "The B**ch Box", which is just seemed to be way classier then calling it "The Trailer". There is a movement towards living in tiny spaces and we're going to ride this wave and give our box the chance to step out of the gutter and onto the catwalk! Since both my mom and I embrace minimalism and simplicity, we thought it would be a good idea to set up this account to offer an option to our friends and supporters as gift options. So, if you're thinking about sending us flowers or cards, we hope you'll consider helping us toward our renovation goals this year instead! We are going to be using repurposed materials whenever possible and appreciate any leads on vendors or materials you would like to donate to us directly! Please email me at


This year, we would like to:

  • Re-level Foundation: $500.00 - COMPLETE!
  • New Windows & Exterior Doors: $1000.00
  • New Roof: $1500.00

Thank you in advance for your help & support!!!

We have our work cut out for us!