The Rainey Farm - Our New Home Hope

To Love and be Loved is to Feel the Sun on Both Sides.

James T Rainey and Christina M. Paas are to be joined as one in a ceremony at Flip City Disc Golf Course in Shelby, Michigan on April 20, 2015. We will be enjoying a round of disc golf with a small group of close friends and family. The ceremony will be performed on hole 11 by our friend, neighbor and fellow disc golfer, "Pastor" Chris White, and will include the traditional Irish Knot tying with a cord to be crocheted by the grooms mother. Photos of the day will be shared with all of you when available.

Our greatest wish is to continue building our life together in a home of our own. When this is achieved, we will be holding a more formal ceremony and celebration. While our marriage does not require any gift more than your happiness and blessings for a good life, we have set up this nest site for those of you who may feel compelled to offer your support in our down payment savings. If you are a less technical person and prefer to send a paper greeting, our address is 1431 Beardsley Ave. Muskegon, MI 49441. Much Love and Blessings to You All!

WELCOME TO OUR DREAM HOME!! We have located a home that meets every aspect of our wants and needs! This farm property was previously organically farmed and sustainably powered. There is still a wind turbine on site and plenty of sunny space for solar and growing food. There is the perfect amount of property to meet the requirements of space for the dogs to run, the toddler to chase them, or vice versa, and for us to relax in knowing they are all safe and getting the exercise they need.

Aside from the beautiful coutry views, surrounding the 2 acre lot, there are also 3 very nice, large barns for us to spread out all of our hobby work; whether it is gardening, sewing, welding or other such artworks, we will have the space to accomplish all of our goals. We will also have plenty of space for James' parents to have a summer place in Michigan, as they are intending to locate themselves in Florida, during the winter months.

While the outside space is very important, we can not forget to mention the aspects of this house that are an immediate draw for us. The main entry to the house is equipped with a ramp and double doors, this being very important for the longevity of this home working perfectly for our life. With James' disability, it is possible that walkers and wheelchairs could come into play, so having these ammenities already in place will relieve the stress of needing them down the road. The inside living space is also very open and there is a main floor master bedroom and main floor laundry, both very important features to those of us with aging joints. :)

The property is located just outside of Hesperia, Mi, locating us near Christina's father. It will be very nice for Jameson to have a chance at a close relationship with Grandpa. (He tends to stay close to the homestead) After 4 years in the city, we are ready to be back on the farm. We have learned so much and some of the city perks we will miss, however, we have not, for a day, lost the longing to rise with the sun and let the birds out to roam. We miss the chickens and ducks and food growing right outside the back door.

We have climbed our way out of a deep gully of job loss, home loss, and acceptance of disability and we are ready to peak this mountain together. A home of our own means even more steps in the direction of self-sufficient living.

Thank you for taking the time to read this through and thank you so much for being a blessing in our pursuit of healthy happiness!!  

~James and Christina Rainey


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