The Williams' Downpayment Gift Registry


For those of you who know Misha & Brian, they are ridiculous, loud, and awkward human beings that fell in love.  They sing (Misha usually sounds okay, Brian sounds rough) while cooking, cleaning, watching TV, and most moments they are awake during the day.  This has not only driven their neighbors below them insane, but it inhibits them from being the goofballs everyone loves.  There are many times they would love to play piano, sing a song, or play the cajon but fear for the dreaded pounding from the neighbors below.  

The couple is asking for any monetary support possible to help them afford a down payment on a house.  Rather than getting another kitchen doodad (which Misha and Brian already cannot store their myriad supply) the couple is ready to finally be able to buy a kitty.  Yes...  Our beloved protagonists can not have pets in their appartment.  Do it for the cat, they'll let you pet it...

Misha and Brian have been together for 6 years at this point and lived together for two of them.  They are ready to make a house that they can have people over to (WITH A FIRE PIT) and not worry about disturbing others.  The dynamic duo has gone into full fledged nesting mode.  Please consider supporting the couple before they either go insane or the "couple from below" removes them from existance!

(Cue "Arms of the Angel" music and slideshow of pathetic Brian and Misha pictures.  Just imagine a cat and a dog beside them!)

Below is the option to donate to Brian and Misha.  Click the "Feather This Nest" and you will be taken to another site that will allow you to contribute to the downpayment of a house.  The money is transferred via "Stripe" to a savings account.  If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to the couple at

Thank you so much for your generous contribution, we really appreciate it!

Misha & Brian

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