Time to get even with the wife.

Hello everyone, thank you for reading this.

My wife is a very hardworking person. She works two jobs to support myself and two very energetic boys. We have a 4 year old and a five year old. She was teacher of the year in Oceanside California last year and became vice principal this year. She also teaches at National University. We live in a beautiful neighborhood and in a beautiful house. But unfortunately we bought the house at the top of the market. Cash  is at an all time low which means home improvements are at a standstill. My wife deserves better than what I can provide for her. My boys deserve better than what they have. I would like to replace the furniture in the house, the couches are ripped, old and are uncomfortable. we sleep on an old mattress on the floor. I would like to get a nice comfortable mattress and put it on a bed off of the floor. Basically she has nowhere to come home and relax and get rid of her stress.

Due to the drought in California are beautiful tropical backyard has turned into a nasty patchy desert wasteland. I'd like to put in that artificial turf and give the boys a nice place to play so they're not playing in a dust bowl. I would like maybe to put in a small deck and BBQ island so we have something to do on the weekends instead of having to go out. I would like to be able to sit in my backyard and treat my wife like a queen like she deserves to be and unwind and be stress free on the weekend instead of having to sit inside because it's disgusting outside.

The kitchen is very old school. All the cabinets are very old and sagging and falling apart. The counters are the old tile and cracked, the grout is stained from previous owners the sink is that old white with chips in it. 2 months ago there was a leak under the sink that I repaired but I had to rip out all the wood underneath the sink so now its just pipes and concrete. It's very hard to want to make or prepare food in the kitchen because it's just not appealing. I'm trying to do everything I can to make the house look nice but it's so very hard with little to no budget.

My family deserve so much more then what I can provide for them. I wish that the stay at home dad position paid more.

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