Trying to buy small dream home for my bride to be

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Trying to buy small dream home for my bride to be
Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Hello, my name is Carey.  For the past 5 years I have been looking for land to build a small house, a small house for sale, or a property in need of repair that can be sold after renovation for profit to build my small house.  Recently I found the exact house I want to build in the perfect location for just the right price.  But it came with obstacles that I cant overcome.  The property is 4 lots, waterfront (marsh with canals), live oaks and magnolias, and a 605 sq ft house (exactly the sq footage I intend to build.)  The bedrooms dont have closets so they dont qualify and every house in the neighborhood are over 1200 sq ft making it nearly impossible for an apprasail.  But the story doesnt stop there.  

My 14 year old daughter just moved back from Seattle Washington and her family just bought a house around the corner which would put me right next to her with this house.  I also wanted to make this an engagement present for my girlfriend, and her 7 yr old daughter, who loves the place equally if not more than I do.  Between the 2 of us we are on point to make over 100k this year because we have both found jobs that pay us well enough to afford our dream.  The problem is we cant wait another year, another 6 months, another month for that matter to buy this.  It will be gone soon along with our dream.  

We have tried everything we know to obtain financing and havent been able to come up with anything.  We even approached the owner with a lease to buy deal of a $1000 a month with $350 going towards buying and a guarantee to buy within in a year.  If we dont, she keeps our money.  She thinks it would be too much of an aggravation and doesnt want to take it.  

Im looking for an investor that would buy the property outright and do this same deal with us.  I am a skilled carpenter and will add the closets to make the bedrooms apply for the appraisal.  There is also a slab next to the house on which I will add a laundry/playroom for my bride to be's daughter.  All with our own money which will bring the property's value well over the 65K and suitable for an appraisal.

To close, Im a helpless romantic.  Ive never met another person in my life that makes me as happy as my girlfriend does.  Not only is she loving and caring, she is also unselfish and giving.  She deserves this house and I will do everything up to selling my soul to give it to her.  Our favorite movie is The Notebook.  Im exactly the guy in the movie and will do whatever it takes to make this happen for her.  Just hoping someone out there is willing to help.  Thanks in advance.