Two 50 year old's want to buy first home!
Husband and wife, been together forever, since teens. Been renting for 6 years and landlord said, I want to sell house. I can sell it to you for $250,000 but if you can't buy it then I will sell it for $295,000. So built in equity already! But we cannot do conventional loans as we are self employed and most of our income is cash. So we have to do an alternative loan which requires 20% down payment. We are homebodies, so our home is our sanctuary. We don't vacation or spend money frivolously. We have our grown sons that still live with us. We all new to the process and learning everyday. We have ideas for upgrades to the home. We need your help to make this a reality. We are in a small city inside Louisville KY. Highly sought after because of the catholic school nearby. Thanks for considering us for your donation!
Our history.
Our family consists of 4 people. My husband and I who have been together for 41 years, and our two grown children. We have an unconventional life of all living together in one house providing for each other. But the backstory is, we were homeless 8 years ago. Kevin mother was the provider for the family. She wanted it that way. We worked for her, but she controlled everything. She passed away and we lost everything. Lost our house, our way of living, everything. We sold our belongings and borrowed from my mother and moved to Kentucky where Kevin was raised. We struggled the first year, but after that, found a way to make a living and it grew and grew and grew. We rented the house we were living in, purely on faith the owner gave us to rent it. We always paid the rent on time and he liked us. We took care of the home for him. Now, he is reaching 80 years old and wants to sell the home. He offered it to us for a good price with built in equity as we had been taking care of it for all these years. We have saved over these years, but not enough for a down payment of 20%. We are self employed so we have to go a different way that "normal" financing. We have talked many times of how we would change things for the house and we want to do that. So please take the time to read this and help us reach our goal of owning our own home.


Kevin Blair

St Regis Park, KY

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