Two Old Geezers, One New Kitchen Wedding Fund

So what does a mature couple need, at this stage in life, as they finally get hitched? Certainly not more books, CDs, LPs, and Blu-Rays. How about some nice china or wine glasses? Nope. A toaster, blender, bread maker, microwave, or pressure cooker? Fuggedaboutit. A new TV or home theater system? Are you kidding? Have you even met us???

What's next on our horizon is a new kitchen to replace our wreck of a kitchen: 1) a new floor; 2) sink & sink cabinet; 3) demolition of the old pantry space; 4) the building of a new pantry; 5) restoration of our existing pre-war kitchen cabinet (that's the Spanish-American War). Our contractor, who has a new baby girl on the way, is stubbornly expensive.

After we build out modest new kitchen, it's off to Italy and/or Spain for a right proper honeymoon. That Panzanella and Paella won't eat themselves. The Colosseum won't ooh and ahh itself. Dali, Michelangelo and Don Quixote await.

No gifts are required or expected and, of course, any gesture is massively appreciated. However, any gift donations made through the registry site we are linking to will be strictly applied to the two very, very, very important missions described above.


Liz & Hernan

New York, New York

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