Underground Hobbit Home

Welcome Wonderful Warrior! Witness whimsical wishes whirl into w(r)eality. Wahoo! With your help, my dream of building an underground (earth sheltered home) can come true. Underground homes are more sustainable options that are safe from the elements - fire, earthquakes, mudslides, zombie apocolypse. With an underground home, I can create a farm on the land, a refuge for animals, and so much more. I want the farm to help feed the community and I want the animal refuge to help many animals to come. But I can't do this without you.

I have saved enough money to purchase the land but no banks will provide a permanent home mortgage because it's a very unusual project for them, understandably so. But I wouldl like to change this. I would like to show that this is a very desirable option. It keeps the lay of the land, it's sustainable, safe, and it's not disruptive to a neighborhood. 

This is my own adventure as my life partner broke my heart last year. So help me continue my healing journey and put back the pieces of my life. 

I thank you in advance even if it's just reading my page because even a little good energy my way is helpful. 

Check out an underground home that exists in Canada from the link provided!

Have a wonderful life!




Bryanna Ojeda

Bakersfield, California

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