Wedding Donation for The New Conrad couple!  Funds will go towards home renovations, land, and the purchase of a home!

We are so excited to welcome family and friends to our wedding to rejoice for the beginning of our married life together!  We invite you to join us for a great night of yard games, dancing, and celebration... we hope it will be a fun event for all.

Mark and I are thrilled to introduce you to us through a wedding that is uniquely our style, we have put a lot of thought and consideration into each piece, and the fact that you're even considering to be there is so special!

Currently we own an older home in Dallas that could use some small renovations before we put it back on the market.  After Mark finishes his residency, we would love to find a piece of land on a lake to build our forever home on, so we can grow eventually our family.  Don't worry, this home will have enough room for guests to visit!  

Some friends and family members gave us the idea for this registry, and we're happy to offer it as an option.  Your presence at our wedding and in our life is more than enough.  However, if you want to give a gift but don't want to travel with one this is a great option, and although it's less traditional, it is just as special to us as a gift you wrap.

We hope to see you April 29, 2017!



Amanda Yotter

Georgetown, Texas

Gifts From