As I’ve shared with many of you, it has been instrumental in my life journey to have a place of solitude to nurture my spirit and be held in the loving embrace of Mother Nature. My intention is to create a sanctuary and spaces inspired by nature for deep dives, artistic endeavors, birthing projects and coming home. I’ve created this share as an invitation to support my passion project. I’ve realized after 19 months, that a project of this magnitude takes support of community. After stepping away to focusing on paying down the loan, I realized I was getting farther from my dream. The next few months are crucial in getting systems in place and exploring creative financing solutions that are aligned for bigger projects. I could use support in where I am currently in the endeavor. I would like to offer in exchange a shanti space to drop in and be/assist/inspire/explore. I will have a guest space dialed in by late August. I appreciate every one of you for anything that your able to offer. Thank YOU infinitely!!


Tamra Steffen {RaSelena}

Round Mountain, CA

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