Windows for The Chimney Pot, Ireland

Hi there. My name is Roz and I live on the East Coast of Ireland. I bought an old country cottage in 2007 (bad timing) with the help of my dad Tommy and live here with my 3 dogs and some chickens. The garden is large so I plant lots of nice Vegetables, Fruit and flowers but the house is tiny! 

I have set up this nest to ask for help in replacing the original sash windows with more modern, insulated windows that will reduce noise (I live right beside a major commuter road) and keep heat in AND - actually OPEN. Yes, you read that right. My lovely dad - may he rest in peace- sealed the windows shut in an effort to keep me warm so currently only the kitchen window opens ( as seen in my profile pic with one of my rescue dogs Scamp) and I cannot unseal them. 

I have priced the windows and they come in at 5000 Euro which is approx 6000 US Dollars. I know it's a lot of cash but I honestly cannot see myself being able to buy them any time soon. If 6000 of you lovely people were to donate a dollar each, well, that would be super.

Thanks so much

Roz xx




Dallas, Texas

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