Winter is coming

Greetings friends, as in many parts of the country fall is in full swing here in Montana with winter right on its heels. When winter does hit, one does not want to find themselves without the means to heat their home. This is exactly the pickle I find myself at this juncture in time. After 60 years of heating the little log cabin I call home my old furnace finally called it quit and headed on down the line. Although this was unexpected a new furnace will be a blessing in the long run. Not only will it be more efficient, saving on fuel costs, it be safer and add value to my home

At this moment in time I'm going through a life change which makes it very difficult to afford a new furnace before the colder weather starts to hit.  While it is mild at the moment this of course can't be expected last. The total estimate for a new furnace which also includes installation is 2500 with an extra 500 thrown in to cover the unexpected.  I'm hoping with the aide of friends and family to accomplish this goal


John Dashnaw

Bozeman, Montana

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