Cody and Darcy's Tiny Home!

Cody and Darcy's Tiny Home! Image
Darcy Basque

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Darcy Basque
We have a dream...a very big TINY dream! This summer we would like to construct a 8x 24 foot home on wheels.  We are very excited about the project, and lo...
Portland, Oregon

  • 20% Funded
  • $1,625 Feathered
  • 17 Vestors

Our Future Forever Home!

Our Future Forever Home! Image
Dear Family & Friends, We are so excited to see you at our wedding in August! While the only gift we expect is your love and laughter on our very special d...
Cutchogue, New York

  • 65,000% Funded
  • $650 Feathered
  • 4 Vestors

Our First House

Our First House Image
Erica Marcus

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Erica Marcus
We are hoping to move out of their lovely but sound-intensive apartment in the next few years. Thus, we are saving up for a down payment on a house. If you woul...
Portland, Maine

  • 29% Funded
  • $2,900 Feathered
  • 11 Vestors

Ellis & David's First Home

Ellis & David's First Home  Image
Ellis  Weber

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Ellis Weber
Two humans + one dog + one turtle + a 700 square foot apartment = our current living equasion in Downtown Raleigh. We're so excited to get married and equally ...
Raleigh, North Carolina

  • 6% Funded
  • $575 Feathered
  • 9 Vestors

Our First Home

Our First Home Image
In lieu of traditional wedding registries, we have established a "Feather the Nest" fund and will add all proceeds to the down payment we have already begun s...
Great Falls, South Carolina

  • 1% Funded
  • $50 Feathered
  • 2 Vestors