Ashton & DJ

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Family & Friends as you all know we are offically getting married after the many many years of being together.   Instead of all the lavish gifts we w...
Santa Rosa, California

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  • $25 Feathered
  • 1 Vestors

Sam & Renee's First Home!

Sam & Renee's First Home! Image
Now that we're engaged and planning our wedding, our thoughts have also moved to the future and what type of home we would like to own down the road. Sam and I ...
Dover, New Hampshire

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  • $750 Feathered
  • 6 Vestors

Cody and Darcy's Tiny Home!

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Darcy Basque

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Darcy Basque
We have a dream...a very big TINY dream! This summer we would like to construct a 8x 24 foot home on wheels.  We are very excited about the project, and lo...
Portland, Oregon

  • 20% Funded
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  • 17 Vestors