Bee Swarm

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Once upon a time, a woman and a dog moved into a house with personality. They soon noticed bumblebees also moved in to live under the front porch, so they named...
Seattle, Washington

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Mary & Tom's Nest.

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Mary Cosh

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Mary Cosh
We are saving up for a down payment on our first home. The prospect of having our own place preferably outside the center of the city in a lovely neighborhood w...
New York, New York

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A home to call our own!

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Well, Victor asked me to be his wife and I said yes! Yay!! While I was hesitant about setting up registries my mother assured me that when you get married that'...
Wilmington, North Carolina

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O'Neill Home

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As we are getting ready for our wedding, we are looking into our close future and the purchase of our first home. It gets harder and harder for people to get a ...
Victoria, British Columbia

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