A Home for Jay, Jex & Ollie

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A Home for Jay, Jex & Ollie

  Howdy! Jay & I are getting a house and need your help! We almost have all of our down payment taken care of, but we are seriously lacking in furnishings. Since getting prequalified, we've gone in the hole some due to taxes, medical bills & emergency dentalwork, but we're still super determined to make this happen before summer! :)

             To me, a home means security and a safe and stable environment for my son. I couldn't picture a better home life than sharing one with my best friend, Jay- a positive male figure for Oliver, a supporter of my dreams, and a constant encourager. We're aiming to get a house in a good school district, close to nature, with enough space for Jay & I's entrepreneurial & artistic pursuits. 

Here's what we need help with:

☆ $1,100 ~ earnest money/downpayment

☆ $700 ~ home inspection & appraisal

☆ $500 ~ uhauls/moving expenses 

☆ $2,500 ~ furniture & furnishings

☆ $2000 ~ appliances (washer, dryer, fridge, vacuum, lawnmower, etc)

☆ $800 ~ debt to pay down to keep our prequalification


Once we get our place, we will be more than happy to accept used furniture & goodies.. We are needy.. not picky!!!

Gift cards are also a great idea. ANY help will be GREATLY appreciated & never forgotten!! 

If you would rather make a direct donation using PayPal, my address is Jexelli@aol.com