Can we please be lucky enough to buy a home

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Can we please be lucky enough to buy a home



My name is Nikki.  I have a happy, quiet little life and really can not complain.  I have reasonably good health and am lucky to say most of my family are healthy too. 


I am on here to try and help start my family.  For years we have been struggelling to buy a property.  I currently live in an appartment my dad sorted for me however I owe him so much money alreadt and I am hoping that I can allow him to enjoy his retirement without worrying about me all the time. 


I am not wanting to live a flash life, just to have enough money to put a roof over my head that I can call mine.  I am about to be made redundant from my job so am worried about never being able to buy a small place of my own. 


My partner is a great man, but is currently out of work, I know he worries a lot about the future and I really hope I can help remove some of his worry.  


I hope you understand that I am really greatful for the life I have but would love a place to call mine before I have a child. 


Thank you