Diana & Eric's First Home

Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to visit our page! As you may all be aware, Diana and myself have finally decided to tie the knot and take the first big step into becoming a married couple. We are happy to share this moment in our lives together and with you alike in our upcoming wedding. With that being said we have decided to take a different approach to the typical wedding registry, as we both agree that as far as basic household items go we are pretty well off with what we currently have in our apartment. We have opened this account with Feather the Nest to help get us started with having our very first home together! Our goal is to get at least 20% of the down payment we need for our home, and as some of you know living in the DC area can be rather pricey when comes to houses. Any amount is appreciated and while this account is mostly for those who will be attending the wedding as an alternative registry, this is also for those who may not have the time to attend or just simply for those who wish us peace and prosperity for our engagement. So please join us in the merry occasion as we celebrate this happy union between us!


* The cutoff dates are not final but merely a rough estimate of when we plan to have the wedding! * 





Bethesda, Maryland

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