Help us purchase our DREAM land!

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Help us purchase our DREAM land!
Auburn, Kentucky

Cory and I are dreamers!  One day we both want to have land where the kids can grow up on.  We want them to be able to roam and play in the woods and water.  Cory also has a dream of opening his own BBQ place.  He absolutely loves to see the delight in peoples faces when they eat his yummy BBQ!  He has plans drawn out of the BBQ building and the shop that will be beside it.  

The shop, well that's mine.  It will be called "Billie's Place".  It will have all things that make you smile when you enter someones home.  Novelty items, decor, candles, blankets/throws, and all things 'homie'.  We want to be a 'light' in this world and to have a place where family and friends love to come and enjoy themselves.  

Cory would also love to teach survival skills on the land.  Such as, hunting, fishing, backpacking, and other basics.  

I also want a place to have a good size garden.  One that feeds many!  I want my friends, family, and those in need to be able to come and get fresh food when they want.  Our farm will have chickens and goats.  One of these days it will be a huge hodgepodge of both of our dreams.  

There are 60 acres that we have in mind that would be PERFECT.  It has a creek, some woods, hills, and the perfect spot to build a house.  Along with the perfect spot for his BBQ business and Billie's Place.  We aren't sure when this 60 acres will come up for sale, but we have been promised the first chance to buy it, and we want to be ready when it comes up!  We are starting to save also, but we know with our current debt we may not have enough saved for it when it comes available.  That is why we are asking for help!  

We would love to share our dream with you and appreciate all the prayers we can get!  Thank you in advance for your donations and prayers!