I work very hard. And I have to sleep in my car.

I need help. It was very hard for me to ask. I am a hard rock minit, this was very hard for me to ask. My work is five hours away from our apartment. I can only come home for four days every 10 that I work. I have a wonderful fiancé that does everything while I'm gone. She has to take care of the bills the dog the household and a lot more. We miss each other so much. At this rate we won't be together about six months in the next five years. I found a small cabin that's only 20 minutes from my work. I make enough to qualify for the house but I don't have the down payment money.My fiancé has been very sick and I can't even be there for her. I know this is asking a lot but if everybody could give a little it sure without up. And it would help us out so much. My fiancé is a selfless person. She does everything she can for anybody, She's always making food, blankets, baby quilts, for anyone that's Cold, hungry. Or for their new baby. Thank you for reading this.     Sincerly, Michael Davis


Dharmendra Singh

Durango, Colorado

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