Opiyo Family Farm

We all know that the Lord has a funny sense of humor. As a young girl, I used to despise animals of most kinds...unless they were prepared well and on my dinner plate :) As a young boy, Erick LOVED animals and kept chickens to help support himself for going to school. He got sick every time he ate pork; ironically, he loves keeping pigs. I always said that I would never have animals around when I grew up; ironically, here I am, preparing to get married to a man whose greatest passions are agriculture and animals. So here we are, beginning a farming project as an investment to support our new family!

Because of the distance and tight luggage space, physical gifts are not the most feasible and practical thing for us. Instead of running to Bed, Bath and Beyond to buy a floor mat and rug for our outdoor latrine and bathing shelter, or queen sized bed sheets that don't fit a bed made using the metric system, we humbly request that you consider making a monetary gift to us instead. If you so desire to bless us with a gift for our new adventure, we would be grateful for your support!


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