Sepulveda-Brown Family Home

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Sepulveda-Brown Family Home
Carlsbad, California

We are so happy to be back in our home country and state of California. After a dozen years embattled in the chaos and life of Central America we finally have the stability that a family of 5 needs. As a single mom it has taken the majority of my childrens' lives to get to this point. We are all happy, healthy with good grades and jobs. The one thing missing...a home of our own. We are forever grateful for my father who has allowed us to squat in his house for the last 18 months, but the 4 beds in one bedroom with their grandpa and the psuedo room in the kitchen of which we call home is the one thing we have left to change.
We have saved 10% of our down payment but require 35% due to our time over seas and the new credit and lending laws.
With kids at home ages 17,16 , 15 and 6 I would love to have a home that they are comfortable in. Able to sleep without a loud tv during the night and space for them to have friends and dinner seated at a table rather than mom's bed!
We have our eye on a home in the same school district that the kids are enrolled in, the same school district I attended. It truly will be a homecoming. Through illness, divorce, abuse, threats, failed businesses and too many tragedies to name, we as a family have overcome. Sienna, Azlynn, Shane, Franki and myself are ready to settle in our forever home. Please find it in your heart to give whether money or words of encouragement, we appreciate you!
Thank you for helping us on our permanent housing journey!

Hillary and the Kiddos