Teal Family’s First Home

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Teal Family’s First Home

Hi everyone! 

We're Angelica and Lawrence Teal. A young family trying to buy our first home.  

Lawrence is originally from Los Angeles and has worked really hard at challenging himself and becoming better with very little resources. Lawrence experienced a lot of tragedies from the young age of 5 and although the odds were against him, he never gave up. Now, he's a Law School graduate and ready to become an attorney.

Angelica is originally from Colombia. She immigrated to the US by herself as a student in 2010 and after doing an internship at a tax firm, the company decided to sponsor her so that she could stay in the country legally. After years of hard work, she was able to become a resident, get a Masters degree in taxation and make Northern California her home. 

Our little girls are Naíma Isabel who is three years old and Niara Louise who just turned one year old. They are the light of our lives and the reason why we want to buy our first home. We want to provide them the stability, happiness and comfort they deserve. We want them to have space to play, space to grow and to learn. We want to teach them how to grow food in our garden and how to be happy, careless little girls.


Our current living situation doesn't allow that because our upstairs neighbor doesn't like that we have babies. She stomps, screams and yells everytime the babies laugh, cry or make any noise. It's stressful and we need to get the girls out of this toxic environment. 

Without any family support in the very expensive San Francisco Bay Area, we have had a very hard time collecting enough funds for our down payment to be competitive buyers. 


We ask that you please help us make our dream come true! Please help us increase our down payment so that all of our offers don't continue to be rejected. 

We will be forever greatful and know that you will be rewarded for your kindness! 

The Teals